Intellectual Property

Cunningham Swaim’s intellectual property attorneys have a proven record in trial and appellate courts across the country.  We have won patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright and trade secret cases involving extraordinarily complex issues of technology and law. Our IP attorneys are also experienced in handling proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

All IP lawyers tout their technical prowess and legal acumen, and we are no exception.  But it is not enough to be savvy on the law and technology; that simply gets you on the field.  The difference between most IP lawyers and us is that we understand how the widget works, and we can explain it to a jury clearly and concisely. We know that we won’t get our clients where they want to be unless we can present the complex issues to a jury in a readily understandable way.  

Our clients range from individuals to Fortune 100 companies, and we have won multi-million dollar verdicts for both.  Our experience on the plaintiff’s side of the bar has also made us adept at defending IP cases; we anticipate our opponents’ moves, and know how to counteract them. There is only one way to get the experience necessary to carry the day; try cases.  And at Cunningham Swaim, that is what we do.  

As a result of our approach and reputation, we regularly achieve excellent outcomes for our clients without going through a trial.  It is often our ability and willingness to go all the way that brings the opposition to the table.

Our IP lawyers also have extensive experience in evaluating IP portfolios for performance of due diligence and auditing.  This valuable service provides Cunningham Swaim’s clients an insight into their own portfolios, and those of their targets and competitors.  Due diligence and auditing allows companies to better evaluate their market positions, and strategically plan IP strategies to better position themselves in the competitive landscape in which they operate.