At Cunningham Swaim, we have significant experience in every aspect of insurance practice, including:

  • Defending insureds in all types of cases
  • Pursuing subrogation claims on behalf of insurers
  • Protecting the interests of our insurer-clients when multiple policies provide coverage for a single loss
  • Protecting excess insurers’ interests
  • Litigating insurance coverage disputes
  • Interpreting insurance policies and formulating coverage opinions
  • Advising on claims-handling procedures
  • Drafting and revising insurance policies
  • Advising on regulatory matters

While we are well equipped to defend our clients if litigation is necessary, at Cunningham Swaim we pride ourselves on helping our clients avoid costly litigation when possible. One of the ways we do this is by providing in-house seminars to both insurers and their insureds. For our insurer clients, we provide an update on the latest changes in the law and recent court decisions that impact the industry. We also identify potential claims-handling problem areas that could lead to bad faith/extra-contractual exposure. For the insureds, we provide in-house seminars structured to each insured’s individual needs, whether it be safety issues, document retention policies, or an industry-specific best-practices seminar. We strongly believe that providing this information helps avoid unnecessary litigation.