Commercial Litigation

At Cunningham Swaim, our business lawyers don’t just bring legal expertise to the table; we bring years of experience in running our own businesses as well. We understand that litigation, no matter what side you’re on, is not any company’s first choice for resolving disputes.  We also understand that all too often, attorneys tell the client whatever it is that they think the client wants to hear- without considering what is best for the company and its bottom line. Many times, trial is the best option, but our trial experience also allows us to know that even a win – if the cost was too great – may not feel like a victory. In complex commercial litigation between businesses, the litigation strategy must fit in with the company’s overall plans. So when a client asks us for advice, we give them an answer that balances both the legal and business concerns. And we develop a strategy that fits not only the company’s agenda, but also the company’s pocketbook.